EA mags onto XF



Does anyone know the specs for the EA wheels? I've seen some nice cheap mags from an EA and was wondering if they have the same stud pattern as an XF has. I think the offset is the same so the track should not change, keeping it LEGAL. ;)
Yeah, legal, legit, and A Jolly Good Idea. Ford ensured all the XR to EL stuff was the same stud PCD.
the way i see it is if they look good and they fit then go for it!!! then again alot of my car isnt "legal" in the authorities opinion..... but im after 17" rims to suit my XF, anyone got some?

sorry to steal ya post duke! :LOL:
The offset wasnt changed until AU series Falcons.
(the XE Ghia snowflake wheels are the same as the EA S-pack wheels except for the grey colour)