eb efi stuff to a xe



i read about putting some efi stuff from the eb engine onto a xf engine i did abit more searching and found the another guy did the same thing with a xe i was wondering has anyone here done it, is it difficult and how much would it cost.
No reason why it can't be done. The pitch of the cylinder heads intake and exhast vlaves are the same on OHC and OHV cross-flow sixes. The basic architecture is the same, just the oil pump, block, and head and front cover. A set of counter sunk bolted flitch plates made of alloy on the intake, and steel on the exhast will bring the width of the head to that of the OHC engine. Just be aware that the injectors must hit the intake valve, and its youre choice as to if you use the XE/XF efi rail or the EB one. The OHV alloy head has a 10 degree angle on the mating face, so you'll have to do a little latteral thinking for yourself. The EB/ED ran a distrubtor, while the EF did a crazy disapearing dizzy act...it came back on the EL!

Using the same valve lift specs, the head flow of the OHV is very similar to the OHC engines, and the EEC control module is very adjustable, despite what some people say. If the sensors are all fitted, you can run an XE to an XG/EB XR6 spec 220 hp (164kw) if you have a wilder cam and the key ingredients in the exhast. Beats the crappers out of 164 (122 kw) for a stock XF, or 149 hp (111kw) for an EFI XE. All the cam and head has to do is duplicate roughly the same flow and lift to work. The variable ratio lifter of the OHC engine is a minor issue...the EFI unit will still work fine, but may not be phased exactly right to the injector pulses.

The XG ute was an XE/XF underneath with a proper EB OHC donk in the chassis rails.