egr thingy-ma-bob



ok ummmm, sum questions that i should know the answers too after reading it a few times in other posts, but dont.

sumthing about the egr valve?? block that?? what will this do? obviously to do with my emmisions, therfore illegal? however if blocked off 'nicely' (un-noticable) can coppers tell?

also thought i read something about blocking that pipe the runs from extractors over r/cover and too that egr valve, correct?? so where do i block off? just block that 1 pipe or block of at the base of the egr valve? or is there no difference? am i making sense...... ive sure as hell confused myself!! hahaha any suggestions on best way of blockking it?

oh and what about the pipe that runs from oil filler cap to air cleaner?? any slight improvements doing anythin with that?
Really what all those things are doing is just getting rid of the emmission controls (well just the EGR part). IMO DON'T DO IT!!

It's just not worth it, for the pathetic increase in power, plus if you do remove that pipe that runs from your exaust manifold, to the EGR valve, the cops WILL notice, and it will be the old story of 'welcome to shit creek, we are all out of paddles'.

That pipe really allows exaust gas to flow back through the intakes, the EGR valve is excatly that, a valve.

Basically some people unbolt that egr valve, and the close it off from the intake manifold by putting a little metal plate inbetween the valve and the manifold, upon reattachment. Handy if the valve is jammed open, and for nothing else. Basically this rules out your exaust gas recirculation. The other way of doing it, is to take that pipe you mentioned, rip it off, and weld shut the hole in the exaust manifold. But sealing off the EGR valve will have the same effect.

I know this is somewhat disjointed, so just say if anything is unclear, or makese absolutely no sence at all.


EDIT: Yeah, it's all illegal, that's why I was saying don't do it.
I'm gonna go against the grain here, and say Do It!

You've already got the modification permit for your extractors. That gives you the right to disable your EGR system. All you gotta do is fill up the cavity on the intake side with Araldite or something similar to stop the exhaust from contaminating your intake charge. You may find during a cruise condition, slight changes in throttle openings will become more responsive, you'll notice a hit at the bowser, but not my much. In fact, you may notice the opposite to be true. The Kiwis got more power out of their 250s (about 5-10%) because their vehicles dont have to have them.
Hi guys and gals,
The egr system was designed to lower Oxides of nitrogen emissions from the exhaust.
These are most produced when a correctly tuned petrol engine is running at part throttle.
The easiest fix was introduce a readily available inert gas to lower the temperature of the flame front. The reduced the emissions but caused the engine to use a bit more fuel in the part throttle cruise situation.
How do most car engines run? At part throttle cruise!!!!!
The belief is that if the valve is blocked of the engine will gain a lot of power. But the reality is a small increase in part throttle drivability and marginally better fuel ecconomy.
Best to block off where it is hardest to see.
LOL, reallly?

Actually from what i have heard, those guys are a bunch of retards over here. It took them 4 tries to get the right light in for my mates valiant.
It's sometimes taken me two tries, standing at the counter. Luckily, I am not deterred easily!
hahahah sweet as.... sorry silver but i think i will probably block it..... majority rules... hahahahaha ill make sure its not noticable


recall howmuch tha plate is from rare spares?/
Im with Dylan on this one, for the minimal increase that you may gain from doing this, is it really worth your time and effort?!
BUT, if you do go ahead and do it, just make sure its inconspicous as possible, other wise you will be in all kinds of strife..
If you are handy with tin snip and a punch, Why buy an obvious thing when a piece of tin plate will do and almost undetectable.
Aint no smog nazi's here, are there?
the holley manifold im using doesnt have a spot to connect it on my car, and the extractors dont either :shock:

oh well ;) hopefully no cops look under my bonnet!
yeah my extractors didnt either but when i had the weber on it you cut the header mount for it and weld it on to your extrators and block the tube with silicone or somthing that can withstand heat its just a guess on what they done mine was already done when i brought the car now its not there at all coz i,m running a holley