engine install



Hello again, I pulled my L6 out of my falcon without the tranny. Does anyone know if it is possible to install engine and tranny into the 63 falcon as one unit with only jackstands or must they be installed seperately.
the most i've been able to do, and it was in a 65 falcon, is to put in the engine with the bellhousing on it, i think it'd be too much of an extreme angle to fit the tranny in there also
It can be done. I did it in a 65 wagon last christmas. Hike up the front of the engine and have soneone else to help guide the trans down and back.

The engine bay in a 63 may be just a tad smaller than a 65 but i do not think it will be a factor

oh yea, i forgot that we did it with the car in the garage, my bad about that
Neil, Yes it can be done, I installed engine and tranny together in my 63 comet in my garage with the comet up on 4 stands about 18" in the air. I had an engine stand and I used motorcycle hold down strap with a ratchet to change the angle of everything. I also had the radiator out and the hood off. I also did this all by myself, not recommended, but it can be done.
I installed an injected 250 crossflow plus Borg-Warner 40 into an '83 Falcon together. In hindsight, thats probably the easiest way to do it.
Neil - The install can be done as a unit. It works best if you have removed the radiator because it will be a tight squeeze. I used a hoist with a leveling device that allows you to change the tilt of the engine/tranny combination. I have a picture somewhere so I'll see if I can find it and post it for you.

When I dropped the new engine in my '62 Falcon, I didn't use any stands at all, the car was on tires.