excellent throttle body setup.

TWM induction http://www.twminduction.com/ makes a throttle body with a 1.75" intake. It is specifically designed as a replacement for cars originally equipped with SU or Stromberg carbs. I just talked to the guy, Lance Nist ((949) 250-1797 who has been helping them develop this particular line. He says it's a natural bolt in for this engine and should flow about 30% more than an autolite 1101. There is a 1.5" model too which would work great for a tri-carb setup.

He calculates a complete setup at about $1200, but I figure you could chop five hundred or more off of that if you were willing to go with the megasquirt setup. I don't have hard prices, but you can get a list at the website listed above.
You will need at least:

The 1.75 throttle body with built-in fuel pressure regulator.
An 02 sensor and bung.
Probably some kind of MAP sensor working off of manifold vacuum.
Electric fuel pump and return line plumbing.
I think the only other sensor would be the coolant temp which you already have.
Some kind of ECU (megasquirt??)

Just another suggestion in an oft discussed topic