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i posted a message before the forum smat chips, but ill say it again......
ive got front and rear seats from my XF "poverty pac" (not vgc, dirty) - FREE

got a 2 1/4" exhaust from extractors back, stuffed muffler, but good condition - FREE

a white fairmont ghia rear righthand side door with windows and all the elec window motor and all other crapola with it. - FREE

a unpainted unmarked bonnet scoop (low street scoop) i bought bout 6 months ago for bout $50 picture avail via email if any interest.

most of this stuff will just get chucked if its not wanted..... its mostly along the lines of 1 mans trash is anothers treasure.... its cluttering up the carport and i cant be botered doin anything usefull with it :)

What colour is your interior? If its black, it'll go well in my other XE.
And how knackered is the muffler?
the seats are pretty shit, they aint got no trears but their really only good for either a rough car.... or for putting seat covers over.

i was driving round with the muffler, but it was pretty screwed makes a loud popping noise when ya kinda give it revs.... would need replacing
I'm planning on taking the XE over the pits soon, so yeah.. Have they got any tears in the fabric?

I may well be very interested in the 2.25" system in the near future though. It'll complement the first pipe in there well :)
Got any pics? Or where abouts are you? I'll have lots of free time after exams..

edit: just re-read your post. When you say shit, how shit is shit? like just dirty shitty, or shitty colour?

Cheers :eek:
drivers seat is that dark bluey colour mixed with dirt but has some big tears along the side..... the passenger and rear seat dont have tears and are that baby poo brown colour mixed with dirt.... i had seat covers on em and i never complaind :)

im in ballajura dude. nah no pics unfortantly, no digi camera