frozen radiator



Well it looks as if I didn't take the proper care of my fluids. Started up and ran great. TEMP gauge started climbing. Got to the middle and was still blowing cold air out of the defrost. Look up and their is steam flowing from the radiator. Only thing I can think of is the thermostat opens and radiator is frozen. Thus the steam and overflowing. Any suggestions as to what may be damaged. Really don't want to get a new one. I am hoping to thaw and flush and fill PROPERLY. Thanks in advance.
It is possible to be a radiator hose frose up to cause this. The only way to find out if you have a damaged radiator is to refill it and check for leaks. You my also have a bad valve or frozen valve to not let the hot water go to the cars heater. the name of the valve slips my mind at the moment. The only thing I can think of is let everthing defrost and drain and add anti-freeze and check things out. You might need a new thermostat after all this.
Thanks. I think it would have to be the radiator or lower hose. Will check tomorrow. Keep em coming.
Keep an eye on your core plugs too. I once froze a Datsun solid when I was a kid; it didn't fare very well. Core plugs popped, radiator split, I was damned lucky the block wasn't ruined....
Thanks for all the input. Thawed everything out. Actually put some antifreeze in. Found a small leak in the radiator. Put in some Bars Leak. EVerything is working now.