groaning gas converter... that wont work on hot days :(



my car has a Impco E-400 LPG converter and a 300A mixer. Its been great for roughly one year, but atm its playing up.

when the car is started, @ idle and low RPM a strange 'groaning' and creaking noise comes from the converter for about 2-3 mins.

if the car has been sitting in the sun on a warm day (say 33+), I get in, start it, and the gas will die after approx 200 metres of driving (depending on my right foot). flicking onto petrol for a bit and then back on gas usually fixes it, but on really hot days (ie 35 - 40), it might take 10 k's of flicking it onto petrol, then back onto gas, until the gas decides to work.

this is wierd, because I thought gas only has problems in the cold weather with the converter freezing up... ( I did have problems with freezing caused by blockages in the heater pipes).

anyway, any suggestions as to WTF could be causing it... am I up for a new converter or what :(
You might try flushing the water lines to and from the convertor, if the water flow is restricted the convertor will ice up internally so you get some strange goings on or it stops altogether.
Try that.
Impco stuff is good and will normnally give long life.
On those bloody lpg systems there is a fuel lock off, a fuel filter and the lpg converter.
First is to look at the lock off valve which has a fuel filter in it then the converter.
But I suspect due to the funny noises, that the converter is to blame.
Does your system have the prime button in the cabin or on the converter.
If when it stops or is slowing down from start. Does pressing the primer button help?
aussie7 I tried that... :( A few months ago I had problems with it blocking up, and freezing... it freezed up probably ~ 10 times .. could this have stuffed somthing in the converter?

the current problem is only present on hot days, and when the car dies the converter isnt freezing, its just starting to warm up from the engine.
The wierd noises are present in hot and cold weather, but it only dies after ~ 200 meters in the hot :(

backlash - nope no primer, it takes about 5-6 seconds of cranking to start without it, not too bad I suppose.
If you have frozen up the converter many times I guess it might be time for someone to look inside it or replace the converter.
I am guessing that ther are distorted diagphram or housings coz there only alloy.