Hardcore Duraspark


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I'm looking for hardcore Duraspark info. Please I don't want wiring diagrams, or how to convert info, I want technical info...

Duraspark I uses the regular cap? It's just a transistorized point ignition?

Duraspark II use the larger cap, and has higher outputs?

What's the difference between regular, duraspark, and TFI coils in regards to voltage, ohms. etc.?

What are the differences in grommets?

Blue - Standard
Yellow - High altitude/Economy
Red - California?

I've heard the red gives hotter spark, and it also has an automatic coil charge regulator, is this true?

There are white and black grommets, what are these used for?

What is the max rpm? I've heard, 8000, 6000, the distributor is only good to 6000, the module is only good till 4500? What's the real deal?

What's the lowest voltage a module will run properly on?

What's really inside them? Anyone have an equivalent circuit?

Is an HEI module better? Does it have coil dwell charge regulator? Does it give a hotter spark?
I found some DSII info- as far as getting the biggest bang for your buck, as well as the least headache, I highly recomend an HEI, from Precision Distributors. I have one on my 300-6, all the difference in the world.
That's all I am going to say about it for now.

Check my Duraspark post for a few answers.

You can run the DII with a small cap, provided you use the type that has small contacts inside (sometimes called an "anti-crossfire" cap). If you use the variable-timing YELLOW grommet DII, use a rotor with the WIDE end contact because the timing will shift electronically as much as 8 degrees. Using the rotor with a narrow, straight rotor tip would lose the spark completely at high advance rates.