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Well im running around in a 68 stang loving the six but of course its never enough. i have been a part of building 5 turbo cars two tt 302 stangs, one single 410 stang, one tt 351 arc cobra, and now a TT 350 iroc (all but the iroc have been fi) so you can see im not new to the idea of forced induction. i thought i saw a turboed straight on here once and just trying to get in touch to find out a few things. ive already planned on all the right upgrades, yes i know what compliments what and all that but im seriously trying to decide if i want to throw a hair dryer in the mix. so start tossing some thoughts out and lets see what we come up with. thanks.

Thise pics belong to SnowDragon3 but you should be able to get a general idea of what some have gotten done.

One Blow through


One Draw through

A couple others are also working on turbo setups.

i,m planning to do this setup with the 200 ci D8 head , and with the doubble dellorto carbs ,gotten already all the parts , i,m now into pipe bending ! from the turbo outlet right into the intake log [ 1,75 ]
i,m not into a race car , so i,m using the stock block only with arp rod bolts and only with about 7 psi boost , that will do for a daily driver , good look and sound and a little bit faster !
my GN buddy has an extra turbo motor which he would use...only its carbed. so i figure run the carb, fuel regulator and pump from the GN, no need to intercool, run off the headder into the box. all on top of the preped block and head it should run.
What size are GN motors, 3.8 right? When walking through a local yard here I ran across some strange Buick 4dr with V6 and a drawthrough setup still on it, the carb was missing but the rest was there. Just a though, I wonder if it would be large enough for a 4.9L?

Run it off a header? or make a custom shorty header to mount it on? Would this drawthrough system require a popoff valve?

yea 3.8, i wouldnt use it on the 4.9 but it could work i guess.

pop off meaning blow off valve? the wastegate works just fine but id probably grab a blow off valve just for fun. that adn a granger to adjust boost.

havent decied on the headder yet, just weld on a flange to the best one, wouldnt have to be a shorty with all the room weve got.
for the header ? what is the best setup , a,s short as possible to the turbo ore as long as possible ?what is the difference ? a short would be warmer then a long one ? a short will be pikking up the rpm faster then the long tubing ?
you're gonna have ALOT of heat no matter what. the difference would be the flow and positioning of where the tubes meet. N/A or forced you want the most flow you can get right? shorties are most commonly used for alot of reasons, one being because you will inevitably have to cut it somewhere and positioning can get limited with a longer tube headder. i'm looking at my over all RPM range. idlign to redline, when i want it to start spooling, and when and for how long it will be at full boost. measureing or getting a good estimate of your flow out will give you a decient idea of which turbo to go with. convience of acquiring usually whens that arguement to tell the truth.

these 6's aren't exactly going to be race cars im guessing, just fun and reliable. i cant wait to spank a V8 and tell him he got beat by a six cylinder. sure he will have to be close to stock but...
that brings up a good point, to those who have done this or knows the guys who have, was it worth it?