Head gaskets



Does anyone know if FelPro makes a thick head gasket? I need a total thickness of about .060" to achieve a lower CR. I need the info. for my 6 and my V-* :LOL:

I know they make shims for this type of application but I can't find any info. on gasket or shim thickness.


The Victor gaskets (NAPA) run about .045" thick, installed.

The Fel-Pro measure about .050 (70 ft-lbs.) to .054" (60 ft-lbs) thick, installed.

Ford also made 2 extra-thick gaskets, a .060" and a .080" model. I sold my last .060" one to SnowDragon for his turbo.

The FoMoCo part number for the .060" thick one was, I think, the same
prefix and '6051' number in the middle, but had a '-B' on the end. The .080" one had a '-C' on the end.
I think the Felpros are around .05. Just a question. Why are you wanting to lower the CR?
Why are you wanting to lower the CR?

Wellllll...I need a thicker gasket form my V-* setup but I don't think a need one for my inline 6.

On my 351W the current CR est. is around 9.5-9.6 : 1. And the 6 cylinder is around 9:1 which is okay but it runs better with 91 or higher grade gasoline.

So basically I'm looking for gasket thickness information so I can get an idea what my CR will be for my V-*. The block was over bored 040 when I bought it and the heads were milled slightly to create a good mating surface to the block.

So that's why I asked the question. :LOL:

Holley 4V. May switch over to Edelbrooks' newer 4V low CFM progressive carb. I like the POW but not that much...after all, gas is going to be 2 bucks a gal soon.

Opps again!!!1 :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Holley is the brand I'm referring to! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: They have a 390 CFM 4V carburetor.

Have you considered removing material in the combustion chamber to increase the volume?

Just a thought.
Have you considered removing material in the combustion chamber to increase the volume?

I have BUT not knowing if I can do that type of work correctly and effectively I thought a thicker gasket or steel shim would be easier for me. I may try this but not until I try the thicker gasket. Besides, I could be just worrying too much about this issue. :LOL:

When you install a head gasket on an Inline 6. The package for the Fel-pro gasket does not say which side up. I used a reference from a spare motor I had with an old gasket on it. Now I installed it with the printed wording on top. From a view point of passage ways for circulation, there's only one way to install it. Meaning the opennings for the push rods are larger rectangular opennings than the smaller triangular on the opposite side. In short...could I have F--ked up?..ZZ
Mr H: It's hardly likely you got it wrong. If you tried it both ways and it seemed to go best one way; that's almost certainly it. Looking at the head, rather than the block, is sometimes the best method.

Cheers, Adam.