heard of a timing sproket breaking?



went for a drive the other day and took off from the lights at manning road and got to 70 and heard a weird sound before the motor stalled and wouldnt restart, so i rolled into a slip lane. took off dizzy cap and turned motor over, bugger rotor not going round. rang towing mob waited hour and half cost 50 bucks to tow the bastard 2.5 kms to student housing. got it there and removed rocker cover and determined that valve gear not working also, more of a bastard. rang my old man who came up from the farm and towed it back the next day. we just thought the timing chain had slipped off or something anyway we got the timing cover off and the sprocket on the crankshaft had split clean in two. i think why this happened is cos whoever the mob was that rebuilt the motor didnt fit teh securing bolt onto the crank. just had to replace the chain and srpokets and fit securing bolt and shes apples agian.

cheers smythee
any evidence of bent valves?

lol. I've been in a car where this happened. 202 Black motor, apparently a valve poked through a piston, and the motor was trashed. Lucky :)
dont think so, shes all back together, going as fast as ever and i cant hear any weird sounds or anything yet.

cheers smythee