Help! Serious MPG issues



hey everyone
I was wondering what is the usual MPG of the mildly to highly built 6 is??
I have basically the same set-up as Mustang_Geezer except a 350 holly.
I am currently getting 11...which is a little expensive at 16 and especially because i was hoping for good gas mileage when keeping the 6.
thanks for the help
Looks like your in need of some fine tuning. I would start by reading your plugs.

What color are they?
Eleven is a bit low but I would say 16 will be about as good as the mileage will get. I've had a few inline sixes and the best one only got 22mpg on the highway. It was also pretty much stock. The only way you will see any real improvement in the MPG will be if you switch to a manual transmission or a automatic with OD. By the way all my cars were automatics and I considered myself lucky to get 17mpg in mixed driving. Good luck!! :D
[] Sorry for a seperate post but this would be your best bet to improve your mileage and make the car even more fun!! :D [/url]
11 is quite bad for a six. i usually average 21, and have gotten as high as 25 on the highway. start with a good tune. timing should be between 10 and 14 initial. set you float level just under the sight plug on the holley. also since most holey 2bbls are set up for V8's you should drop jet size by 3 numbers. set the power valve to open around 6" of vacuum. install a good electronic ignition ina dual advance dist like the dura spark system.
gearing plays a big part in fuel economy as does driving style. smooth driving is key.
Duraspark Ignition
Slightly larger carb (don't over do it)
Single Exhaust Header (stock manifold won't cut it)
1.75 to 2.00 inch inside diameter exhaust pipe
25 to 27 inch tall, skinny tires @35 psi
2.79 or 3.00 rear end
55 MPH max (easy on the gas pedal)

All that should equal mid twenties on the highway and high teens combined driving.