Holden L6 Turbo in a Chevy Vega



Found this killer Co. that molds a twin cam/hemi chambered aluminum cylinder head for the Holden www.krogdahlheads.com

Does Holden carry a 250cid? I like the potential a 250 has for reving. I can rev the snot out of me 250 Chevy. Although it seems that the 3.3 liter block is the choice for this combo???

A 7,500 reving roller cam would be kind. Can a six sustain higher RPM?

And finally twin small turbo's or just one...

If the plan is ever into affect, a Chevy Vega will be of choice. (someday if time/money permits)

I'd proudly race that Holden powered "ranfla" at the tracks here in Southern Cal...

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holden carries a 253, which is a v8. Well they used to carry it, but not for a long time now.

the 186 is probaly a better engine than the 202 (3.3) IMO. But it's each to thier own.

Just out of interest why are you specifically after holden bits? They are pretty much on par with the US counter parts.
Cuz they are part of the GENERAL MOTORS GANG bro (y)

Just want to be a little different and the ability to use that twin cammed cylinder head. 186cid sounds good too. Less weight and just as strong I'm sure. I wonder what the estimated hp with a set up like the one metioned above? Would be killer to race a Chevy Vega in the IHRA/NHRA powered by a small cubed high reving Holden L6 with twin turbos.

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yes i saw this i originally posted it on the inliner web site sounds good to me but way out of my budget they also have it for ford sixes i belive
We didn't get the Vega, but had the Torana. Got this photo from http://www.toranagtrxu-1.com/ndx/history.htm

Ran a 186 then 202 cube six. Top model (shown) had triple carbs.

LOL! :beer:

Yer always a step ahead addo.

Ya know, I believe I saw one yesterday. Is there an emblem on top of the hatch, right above the key latch? Very nice transition for a wing for downforce. The emblem on the right closely matches what I saw. Very kewl deal!

Is that the hotrod that Peter Brock romped around on?

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For some reason I thought you had a Torana yourself. I thought I read that in some Aussie post. Maybe I'm still feeling the after effects of da funky tobacco.

DB, pass it over here bra... :rolflmao:

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No, no Torana for me. :( The decent ones are very pricey now. What I like about the owners is that a good lot of them are open-minded about sixes - there's V6 swaps, turbos, strokers... The cars look nice, handle well go like the clappers. The sound of a lumpy cam and CD type carbs is always one familiar and pleasant to my ears.

Of course, like Mustangs, there are duffers who think they need a V8 stuffed into the poor beast.

Chevytown, you may be thinking of the later style SL/R or SS hatch; that's an early sedan in the picture. This is the later type:

from these guys: http://www.smasa.com.au/clubs/holden_torana/photos.html

Cheers, Adam.
That little bad boy tubbed what be too awesome. THE SMALL ROCKET!

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