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Hey everyone, Hot Rod did a story on my '41 Hudson. It will be in the June issue, but for a preview, you can see additional info at
This is quite possibly the ugliest car they ever did a feature on, but it does have a pretty hot flathead six in it, so I thought you might be interested.
Way to go champ!

That's a freaking cool deal hometown. Hope to see you at Irwindale. I'll be going this Thursday.

That is one of the coolest cars I have seen in Hot Rod in a long time. No billet, no 20" wheels, no one-off, high dollar fabricated parts. I absolutely love it. The car just screams HOTROD!

Hudson Nut, you have a new avatar!
You are a hero, and that Hudson is a machine!

Nothing beats a can of sidevalve six whoop a$$. I'm amazed! Too many cars can't break 14's without cooking something. The titanium paint job rocks. I want one on my Falcon!
Your car rocks big time. Its cool to see a major magizine making the effort to do a story on it and get the story right the first time. I figured that Rod & Custom would do a Hudson article before Hot Rod would do another one. I even fired off a email to Steve Magenta about it and thought you would want to see (I don't think they would print it):

"Hey guys, its about time that you did another article on the Hudsons.
Wasn't the last one the July 1965 issue, "Return of the Hudson"?
Good job. Danny's Hudson it totally bad and his collection is cool.
I bet the Chevy readers that support you will hate it to no end!
That's why I bought mine, to kick ass on the drag strip. Maybe next
year you will see it at IRP making waves on the 1/4 mile.
Ralph Alden, aka turbodude390"

I've seen your pictures on the HET picture site. I thought it was cool that you left the old paint on the car. Something with this kinda of history deserves to be at the track battling it out with the young punks.
One question for you, I know that you do sell some Hudson items but do you have a Clifford head you would sell? I havn't been able to locate one for my 56 Hornet engine. I am running a 262 cast iron head now but want to raise the compression some more. Once I get my 50 Pacemaker coupe done I will post some pictures here.
Ralph Alden
Glad you finanlly got it up and running. That article is great. I know Jack would have had a huge smile on his face while reading that article.
8) man, with a rod like this, who needs a v and billit.this just reeks of coool!!(and i bet they just hate getting shut down by a flattie six!) :p
Steve, I have to get some pics of your ride on here. Maybe catch you one day next week if suits? People need to know that an alloy head doesn't have to cost 9 grand US$.

:D no worries ,adam,next week we're off to the hot rod nationals but the week after easter i'm on afternoon shift so give me a ring(should have heaps of photo's of inline powered rods too!! 8) steve
Thank you Jack, for the avatar. And thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my car... It really means a lot to me comiing from this group.

Dany, its deserved because your ride defies logic, and is a form of Japanese Water Torture for owners of WRX's/STI/Rs Turbos and 240SX's that can't break mid 14's.

Who needs twin cams when you can flatten any thing with a block of alloy keeping the lid on six pots, and a tunnel ram set up which a Ricer can't fit under its hood.