How much do ya weigh?



Well, not you, but your cars. I'm the oddball thinking of dropping a 250/C4 combo in a Studebaker truck. I've started worrying about the weight of the truck & the HP potential of the I6.My Stude weighs in at 2700 lbs, but with modfications, probably about 3000 lbs. Plans are- tri-power, headers w/duals, 255 V8 pistons, dual roller timing, performance cam, & port job. So, how much do y'alls Falcons & 'Stangs weigh in at? Or should I save the 6 for a Falcon project later & drop my 390 FE in the Stude? Give me some honest opinions, guys. "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." :unsure:
the six would pull it nicely but the 390 would rip the pavemant right off the road :eek:
8) three engine swaps i actually pndered for a stude pu that i once owned:
1: 351w
2: 289/302
3: 300 inline
unfortunately i couldnt afford to build the truck, and at the time i needed the money.

I actually weighed my '80 Mustang at a certified truck scale. It weighed 2866lbs with 1666lbs on front and 1200lbs on rear.

I have a 1980 Mustang Ghia hatch with 200I6 and C4 auto and 7.5" rear
i'm 6' tall 185lb, heh, my 65 falcon futura 2dr sedan weighed in at 2391lb, car itself
Since I've become more a desk jockey than a road worker, I've put on a few stone. I'm now 98 kg or 216 pounds.

On a truck scale, the Falcon weighes in at 1435 kg with a full tank. Thats 3164 pounds. My wife is rather more than me, while the kids weigh the old bird down. All up, our family adds another 740 pounds. 3904 pounds all up. Just like that cartoon Jack Collins put in last year, where the big bump blonde babe asks the Lotus Seven driver for a "ride"

"But if I take you, you'll upset my power to weight ratio"

Incidently, Ford Australia saved 98 pounds ( 2916 pounds base model) on an 1982 XE Falcon verses the 1979 XD Falcon (3014 pounds). The 1979 XD Falcon was 249 pounds lighter than the XC Falcon (3014 pounds verses 3263 pounds). Now with governmnent and consumer crash requirements being the same as the US, a stock Falcon has put on 740 pounds, the weight of my whole family, since the engergy crises in the early 80's. In this age of huge progress in materials, this isn't progress, is it?
46stude - Do the FE and save the I6 for a Falcon. Sorry, but you'll appreciate the huge difference in torque and hp between the FE and even the 300 I6. And the FE will build healthy power with moderate modifications. I don't usually recommend bent 8s, but IMO, this is a case where it's warranted.

BTW, my collision and refinishing instructor has a 46 Stude that he has chanelled and is currently in work at the CC. He, however, decided to go with a brand x powerplant/transmission.
65 Stang 200......2520lbs no driver, 1/4 tank of gass and very minor weight savings like no spare tire, no front sway bar, no junk in car....ect. Good and light. :eek:

Yea, Phil, I think you're right. Its gonna be just as much work to swap in either motor, so why not go to the "dark side". Being that its a Stude pickup, people won't be all that interested in the I6 mods. I don't really care what other people think in the long run-- none of us should. When you build a rod it should be for you & thats the bottom line. But I was really looking for some outside input because I just couldn't make a decision-- they both are good options. I was looking thru the classifieds & saw a '61 Falcon that needs work, make offer. Think I may look into it. Hey, I still have my 300 powered dually. So I'll still be logging onto these forums. This site is second to none.

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