hyd cam in solid lifter block cont....

ok did some asking around but no one can give me a positive answer jsut alot of gueses. but it seems it I can it I will not have and lash adjustment from the lifters (duh) but shoudl be getting a higher lift faster rampup cam that might wear a little fast. now if I ran say a cheap ass fuelsaver cam from JCW for $90 woudl I exspect any improvment over my wornout cam?


I must be missing something. You can NOT put hydraulic lifters in a solid lifer bolck. There are no oil passages to feed the hydraulic lifters.

You can put in a hydraulic cam and run the solid lifters, but you'll wear out the cam in short order.

Why not put in a solid lifter cam?

Check with Isky - they still make them.

Good Luck
cheapness. it looks like the six is going to com e out now and a 2.3L turbo goes in its place. got the motor in spare parts at home it just needs a air meter and a cam. should be putting out 3 times what the old 170 made.