I'm stumped...how to remove timing cover


I was working on my second good night of engine tear down to do some inspections. That cylinders look pretty good. There is some carbon build up on the pistons and at the top of the cylinders. I think it was recently rebuilt. The oil pan gasket was fairly new and was put on very well. The head gasket also look fairly fresh, but there is a lot of carbon on the valves.

My question is how to get the timing chaing cover off. It seems I have to remove the balancer. Is that right? How do I do that? The shop manual is not very clear about that.

Basically, I'm replacing everything but the cylinders and crank. All the hard internal stuff is getting redone.


you need a pulley puller. You should be able to rent one from a auto parts store or somewhere where you can rent tools. You need the one that used the bolts, not the arms. The arms can seperate the pulley from the hub!! There are three tapped holes in the hub of the pulley. I think that Kregan sells them real cheap. I bought one from them not too long ago.

Hope this helps.

Yes he is correct. You will need a Harmonic balancer puller. Your Timing cover has a hole in it. Pull all of the bolts, pull the Harmonic balancer and the cover should pop right off.
8) one caveat, do not get a steering wheel puller. it is much lighter duty and will likely bend or break.
I bought a puller at O'Reillys for about $20 when i needed one when i changed my timing set.
I bought it from Autozone for $15...one again emphasizing the proper tool for the job helps. Only one problem...the bolts that they have for the Autozone one are the wrong size.

It is off now...so much fun.