Intakes on home page


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Does anyone know what the intake manifolds are on the homepage connecting 3 side draft carbs to the AL head?
Are these 3 individual intakes or is it the Lynx intake?


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Comparing the homepage photo to the one on Lynx's website I would say it is a Lynx, but it is hard to tell from two photos. If it is from V.I. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to get one (given my recent experience.)

Since I never did get a response from V.I. on their aluminum head I reached out to Lynx about their Weber side draft intake for the integral manifold. I had a response in my inbox the very next day explaining they were working on bringing the manifold back, but sorry no expected delivery date. A disappointing response but at least I got one!


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Sorry you haven’t gotten a response. If I was a full time business I’d be a lot better at responding. I’ve imported the Lynx Weber and SU manifolds.
If you’ve been using the contact feature on the webpage, try emailing me instead.