Is this a good size for a Valve job?


I called around to have a valve job done. I'll be providing all the parts:

$100 for standard valve job
$120-150 for making the intakes oversized to 1.75" from 1.65"

for a total of $250...does that sound about right?

I had my machinist oversize mine from 1.69 to 1.75 and it took all of about 2 minutes more with the cutter, and he didn't charge me any different. 100.00 for 3 angle valve job
My machinist didn't charge anymore for the larger valves either...guess it depends on where you are. The three angle valve grind was their "basic" service too!
Quick piggyback question, then: as far as I know, my car never had hardened valve seats put in. Assuming I need to have this done anyway, will this make going to larger valves on my head a simpler procedure? In other words, am I likely to get charged twice - once for the seats, and once for the increased valve size?
You only need hardened seats on the exhaust. Most valve increases are for the intake, so if you have this done you shouldn't be paying twice.
Why not go for BIG V8(ooops) valves?

1.94 or something close to that...

Oh yeah, if it's not too late...get stainless steel valves :!:

Ctown :checks:

The I6 valves are badly shrouded. The biggest IIRC that you can go up to is 1.84" but you gain very little in airflow and lose some low end torque.

My humble recommendation is to run stock size one piece stainless steel valve with back cut head for better flow, and a 1.55" one piece stainless steel valve with back cut head. Lay back the combustion chamber some to unshroud the valve and some pocket porting and thats about it.
just FYI.

I'm using a 67 head...which means the stock intake valves are 1.65 (or 1.68) and that I'm going to 1.75" intake valves. Once they are set I'm going to unshroud them a bit.

Howdy All:

The biggest limitations in larger valve size is due to the small 3.68" bore. In unsrhouding, be sure to not exceed the bore of the cylinder or you wil have gaset sealing problems.

If the $250 total includes the 3 angle, milling and cutting and installing larger 1.75" intakes and back cutting the port side, that's not too bad. Are you going to have a port divider welded in? Now is the best time to do it.

Your '67 head will likley be the smaller 52 cc chambers so measure and plan carefully before you mill, to achieve your goal CR.

Adios, David
Alls I can say is that the 1.94's woke up my old L6 BIG TIME! And the sound of the exhaust because of it...shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Have to unshroud the valves like yer all talking about. Extremely important! And just as important.....GASKET MATCH Y'ALL!

I was told by a fella who has been racing supergas in NHRA for over 30 years that the most important area to port/massage is where it begins to drop into the valve as your looking into the intake port. He said that area is crucial that it be cleaned up and massaged. The back end isn't as important, but should be cleaned up.

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