It's Been Awhile



Haven't posted anything in awhile (i'd say bout a month maybe two) here's whats happened since. Flywheel (I did post about this) was fixed, got a new Clutch Preasure Plate (Disc was ok). Changed my Oil Pan seals, inside of my engine does not look all that much better then the outside Had to clean out a ton of sludge from the pan, I have a pic but no website so can't link to it here. Radiator Upper Outlet Spigot Broke off while I was trying to put a new hose on, I had to take the radiator off to get the pan down. Radiator is now in the shop should get it back tomorrow. If all goes well should have this baby up and running soon :D
cool 8) glad to see a nother mav going and not to the junk yard :cry: :D