Lokar pedal kit for 63 Chevy C10



I was wondering if anyone out there is using a Lokar pedal kit? I'd like to use the Eliminator style, but it looks like the (column) shifting linkage is in the way. However, I might be able to squeeze it in there. But it looks tough. Any thoughts greatly appreciated...

Mustangsix, if ya ever run into this, you can delete it. I figured out how to do it without using a lokar and instead using a universal sytsem. Thanks
Spoken like a true manager! Good deal bro, I decided to keep the Clifford pedal bracket...me bro found a way to use a universal throttle cable with it. You got it! I'll take photos when it's done.

CHEVYTOWN :checks:
I'm finally on the go with the throttle linkage swap and will be taking photos for the website. I lost my html editor and couldn't edit for a while....just downloaded BBEdit's latest deal and have it for 30 days. Just enough time to do the site. Hope I can back up the talk vatos!

Chevytown :checks:
For anyone who is remotley interested...

I finally got the bracket done. Just a prototype so to speak. Gotta make a nicer looking one. But it worked. What a difference. The cable is a lot smoother throughout the throttle range.

So now I got the time for the Website. See if I can get it up and going tonight.

Chevytown :checks: