low RPM's, supercharger, crazy idea...



Ok...heres a wild thought i had about a supercharger. I have no clue if one exists or not.. but here go's....

The main problem with a supercharger compared to a turbo charger is that they cannot turn enough RPM's unilike a turbo. Especially on a slow RPM engine like an inline. Thats why they use turbos instead of superchargers on diesel trucks.

What if there was a belt driven supercharger that worked similar to a snomachine belt drive. It used a clutch that squeezed onto a belt when the RPM's were applied and a a driven secondary clutch that spread out when RPM's wer applied.

So when the RPM's start to rise, the primary clutch changes the ratio as well as the secondary clutch.

Honda put a CVT (constant velocity Transmission) in some thier cars that worked on the same principal.

But if a supercharger was applied to it...the ratio between the two pullys would become higher and it would spin it faster. The faster the engine spun, the faster the supercharger spun.

Now i dont know if it would be totally accurate, because maybe it would need to be tuned to kick in a certain RPM, and then level out at a certain RPM. But it would resolve the slow supercharger spool up on low RPM engines. Those problems can be dealt with by using weights and the such with cetifugal force to delay the spool up along with cams on the secondary clutch for how fast it will spool up..

But ok...a wild idea....just a thought i thought i would share. Curious of any responses from people who know what they are doing. ihope some of this made sense...sorry if it was confusing...
Not confused at all! Mitsubishi tried to hook a trubo to an electric moter to spin a turbo so it had no low rpm or off boost lag.

Only proble is the mutitude of materials needed to make your idea work. The Dutch Daf Van Dorne CVT transmissions used a cleaver cone and a linked belt. That's what I'd use if I had enogh budget. I don't so I can only but dream!

Best one I saw was that 221 Turbo and supercharged I6 used in a Modle T Roadster in the Aussie forum. Have a look at it. Now thats what you should build, in my opinion!

The 1985 Lancia S4 (a mid engined, all wheel-drive Group B rally car based on the Lancia Delta shape) ran compound supercharging and turbo charging with great success. Something like 470hp in detuned homomlogation tune and only 1800 cc, from memory!
Harley had a scooter called Topper With CVT,
Miller and Drake in the '30 tried 2 spd gear box on crank driven centrif blower for their Indy engines. The impeller acted like a flywheel and would snap the shaft when changing b;ower gear.
Paxton tried planetary gears in the'60.

Many big diesels to day run compound set-ups, gear driven positive displacement blowers and turbochargers.
Back in the late 50's, the Paxton style supercharger had a variable pulley system that did that very thing. It was designed to increase the boost at low engine speeds since the unit didn't buld good low speed boost. I see used ones up on Ebay every once in a while and the guy who bought out Paxtons planetary blower system still sells parts and rebuilds them.
wow..that is cool... i didnt know what there was out there....now that i know...maybe itll come in handy one day. Thanks guys

Ok, so here's how to do it: Look up a Comet 94c Duster clutch (about the cheapest reliable sled clutch you can find), and then go to your local industrial electrical supply shop. Have the drive snout length, diameter, and pitch of your blower's input shaft with you, and ask to see the Vari-drive catalog. You will have to do some hunting, but the info is there. Just find a wide pulley that fits, and once everything is lined up, go back and get the appropriate length belt for the setup. Alternatively, some of those Vari-drive units used a remotely adjustable drive, so you may be able to get a complete setup. If this is the case, try to get used. New is a killer!

Yeah true...why the hassle....im not real familiar with all the superchargers and stuff...but i usually understand how they work if they arent weird or anything. Please explain to me positive displacement?...i would like to know moe about superchargers and turbos...thanks alot.

Check out VS57.com for info regarding the early (pre-60) Paxton McCullough Superchargers .... Paxton even offered a kit for the '60 144 Falcon (and if the AMA racing ban wasn't in effect, it may have been a factory option!)
Paxton made a crank pulley and a supercharger mount/tensioner cast with the word "falcon" .... these are unique to the Falcon supercharger kit and would be all that is needed to bolt one on to the small six .... the SN60 unit was a shorter one speed version of the old variable speed VS .... this unit would find it's way onto a GT350, or two thanks to Carroll Shelby .... this unit came with a carb adapter to mount an airbox which would contain a Stromberg ww 2v (from a supercharged Studebaker Hawk!)
This knocked three seconds off the quarter with a stock 144! .... can't wait to see what she'll do with a built 200!