Mines not a JG its a JL....What the !



Back Again and thanks to you guys who helped me along a little last time. A while ago i scored a block from the angry, old mechanic who works in the darkest corner of the workshop. He was going throw it out but offered it to me instead. He used to work at Dale Ford in Sydney and told me he bought it new in about 1987 as a rebuild for his XE Falcon.

The number on the block reads like this
10709 C
Can anyone enlighten me ?

Also one other thing. I picked up another crossflow through a mate of a mate and he told me it was a carbied unleaded 250. I wasnt fussed cause the price was real good - nada. Did they make those ? Or maybe a unleaded head was put on.. can i identify the head ? Cheers All !
Not sure on the JL... I know that the Torana GTR blocks came with a JL prefix; XU-1s were JP... As for the "40" - maybe a Falcon ute. They may have had a subsidiary foundry elsewhere, or possibly just used another assembly line. After all, the block number reflected the VIN, which related to the assembly plant. "JH" was Brissy.

The second two letters are easy enough to decode off Disco's reference list.

Well, I guess it's a start. :roll:

Cheers, Adam.
On the JL, it was still cast in Geelong, but it was assembled in the QLD plant.