Motor and Aussie 2V Questions (Long)



Well, I bought an Aussie 2V head. If all goes well (the machine shop says it isn't cracked) it should be here in a few weeks. I've decided that if I am going to do this, I am going all out. This means lots of modifications and lots of questions.

1) What is a good compression ratio to run if I am going to be running pump gas (91 octane) with hardened valve seats?

2) Is the Comp 260H the right cam for this application?

3) I know I saw them here awhile back, but is it still possible to get my hands on a gear drive set?

4) What kind of pistons should I run?

5) I also saw something here awhile back about having to put SBF valves in the OZ head. What kind of modifications need to be made?

6) I also saw something here about roller rockers. Is it still possible to get ahold of these?

7) Last but not least, exhaust. If I run 6-2 heads into dual 2 inch pipe, what kind of mufflers should I run? I currently have a single Flowmaster 40 Series with a stock exhaust manifold and a single tail pipe. It sounds pretty mean at idle (and it doesn't sound like rice when I hit the gas). I would like a fairly "mean" sound. If I'm turning my regular six into a super six, I want it to sound the part.

People who have done OZ head swaps, please feel free to PM me. I'd really like to get some information from people who have first hand experience with this swap.

Also, I am looking for parts. If you have some, or know where I can get them, please let me know. I may be looking for a block, crank, and rods to use to build the new motor.

Thank you for all your help. I've resisted the temptation of the dark side.
Two more question . . .

Does anyone know the difference between the different kits that CompCams sells? They list part numbers for a K-kit, SK-kit, and a CL-kit.

What is a good progressive 2V carburetor to run on the OZ head? Where can I get an adapter for this if I need it?
8) Hey! I have an Oz head and I will try to help.

1) I would limit the compression ratio to about 9.0-9.5:1 Any higher and you might have problems in warm weather due to uncontrolled detonation in the open chamber head.

2) For the 200 I6 the Comp Cams 260 model is good for street, mid range and highway cruising. My 2 choices are the Comp Cam or the Crame Maximizer cam.

3) Azcoupe has some 200 roller timing chains in the buy/sell/trade section.
Somebody else ahd gear drives and I have the pictures but I have not seen them back on here yet.

4) You can get by with Tempo cast aluminum flattops but if you plan on taking it over 5500 rpms you will want forged pistons.

5) I know nothing of putting SBF valves in but you can get new stainless valves from Manley fairly cheap.

6) Several of the guys here bought a set of billet roller rocker arms from IIRC Rocker Arm Specialties. Az Coupe has some available in the buy/sell/trade section.

7) The setup you described should be fine. If you like the sound flowmasters make then use them.

You should not have to port the Oz head on the 200. But It wont hurt to port match and clean up the bowls and unshroud the valves.

Im in process of pulling my 200 out of my 80 Mustang. The motor going back in will be similar to yours except mine should have a Holley 4bbl on it.

The Comp Cam kit PN's tell whether it is cam, cam and lifters, cam, lifters, and timing chain, or complete valvetrain kit to match the cam.