Motor Mount question for a '67 250 conversion


I have a '67 Coupe (next project car) I recently acquired a '77 250, since in my younger days I yanked the 6cyl frame mounts and "stored them for future use" meaning "I cant remember where the heck I put them" I have none. After reading Jack's 200/250 swap page and reading about how he thinks the motor could be set down lower in the engine compartment using Maverick frame mounts and opening the motor mount holes a bit with a file, it made me wonder. In '67 they widened the body so that they could fit larger motors '390/428.

If I used '66 engine frame mounts in my '67 car would that allow the motor to sit lower (for clearance reasons) or is that just wishful thinking?


Do you have access to a welder?? I think it would be a lot easier just to fab some up, that way you could set the engine wherever you want.

If you dont have access, totally disreguard this post ;) :LOL: :LOL:


Eventually when I put the AOD in I will need custom mounts as I want to move the engine down and back as far as possible. And yes I do have access to welder, mill, drill, and lathe. The problem is that the car is in ND, and I am in CO (about 850 miles). Kinda hoping for easy bolt in for now then later upgrading to some custom units.

Thanks for the input though

[edit] maybe I will just have to take some time and run out to the local wrecking yard with a tape measure and find the distance between the frame mount holes and see just how much difference there is for myself.
I am staying away from custom parts during the initial install because I dont have time/$$ to do the work myself also if I am trying to document the process it would be easier for somebody to find pre-existing parts then to build them. I already have the motor/trans/driveline that will work without modification (I will have to wait till after we move before anything drastic gets done)
I found these ones n a '69 Mustang with 250 at the yard last night

And they look like they might sit the engine a tad lower then these '66 200 units.

But I need to bo back and do some measureing. I also hope to pull them and do a side by side comparison. And get some less fuzzy pictures.
8) i would say grab them and use them. remember that the 67-70 chassis are about the same.