Motorcraft 2BBL



I recently posted a request for clearification on Autolite/Motorcraft 2BBL carbs. but I think no one understood my question.

I'll try this again. Maybe I can make it clearer this time. :LOL:

I have an adapter from Clifford (08-1640) for a 2-1 carb. setup. I also have a Motorcraft 2150 carburetor. My original idea was to use the two for my carburation setup yet the carb. doesn't fix just right on the adapter. I thought because of the same bolt pattern Holley and Motorcraft used, it would be a clean fit...but nooooooo.

The carb. will bolt up BUT around the base of the carb. it seems a little larger than the base of the adapter. I'm talking where to two connect. question is this, has anyone tried this before? Is the Holley carbs. (2300 series) the only ones that will fit this adapter?

I really don't want to buy another carburetor. Especially a new one for 200 + dollars. Maybe I need some kind of spacer?

So if anyone would help.


Will the Motorcraft mount directly to the log if I cut and drill the log? Is the log wide enough? Can I use alum. for a mounting plate? I've seen alot of pictures for this approach but IIRC they are all new Holleys. I'm willing to pay someone for a mounting plate to do just this if someone is willing to make one for me who has had the experience. I've just never played with cutting metal.

Thanks in advance!!!! :LOL:
it sounds like you have a 5200 series or weber adaptor. it is also a 2bbl pattern but smaller. just get a different adaptor or a different carb (I am selling a 5200 btw)

I think this adapter is for a Weber. I e-mailed Clifford but still no response. :unsure:

Does anyone know if Stovebolts adapter will fix with a Autolite/Motorcraft carburetor?

I'm going to make a run to AutoZone to see if they have anything than I can put between the two to form a nice seal. Not TOO thick is my only concern right now.

Thanks again!


The pic you posted is the adapter for the holley 2300 series or the Autolite 2100 series. Same base.

The carb may hang over a bit on the edges. No big deal. There are several variations of that carb so the adapter is probably made to generically fit those models. There may be some underlap.

Just put the carb on the adapter without a gasket and look to make sure there are no vacuum ports open (there shouldn't be).

I was a little concerned with vacuum being an issue. You said no gasket is to be used between the carburetor and adapter?

One more thing Jack, I cannot see images that I post. Did you see the photo or did you go to my webpage? It's probably a Yahoo restriction.


Use a gasket, but leave it off when checking to make sure nothing is open so you can see where the passages may be. For example, I can't see it too clearly, but is the outside rear center of the carb open to the venturis in your photo? You may have a model of 2100 that has that passage for EGR or some other function. If so, that carb will not work without fabbing some other plate to help seal it.

BTW, I went to your website to see the pic.
The outside is open to the venturis. This is my only concern. So this means I'll have to fab a shim plate to seal this part of the carburetor. That's all I needed to know. I just thought it would be best to get a second opinion before I did anymore work.

Thanks for the advice!