Muffler Options


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In my current restoration of my Falcon, I had to replace the Swiss-Cheese looking original gas tank with a 16 gal. replacement unit. As such, the 7"ish round muffler had to go. I put a smaller oval shaped muffler in there kind of at an angle and in between the frame rail, and the leaf springs. Anytime I go over a bump, the leaf spring compresses and touches the muffler. I don't like this.
I saw that JC Whitney has "turbo" mufflers that look like they are about the same size as a glass pack, but inside are more like a regular muffler. Does anyone have any experience with these? The leaf spring is not touching too bad, and another option would be just to turn the muffler a quarter turn to vertical and the heck with it. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
I have my mufler mounted between the rear axle and the gas tank. it's turned sideways and exhaust from a single to double. I don't have any problems with it and it keeps it away from all the suspention.

I used those on my XK150 years ago because they wer similar in size and shape to the stock mufflers, but were much cheaper. They were fairly quiet, as I recall, but I can't tell you if they were better or worse than any other turbo muffler performance wise.
I had s similar problem on my 63 when I changed out my gas tank. I have a single outlet header, so I went with a Dynomax Turbo Muffler 2 1/4 in. offset inlet/center outlet P/N WLK-17731 from Summit Racing, it was around $35.00. Check out part numbers WLK-17729 through 17739.