Multi-Carb Manifold for Aussie Head



Anyone know of some multi-carb manifolds for the Aussie head's?
how much carbs you wanne ad to the head ? 6 ? 3 ? :p :p i got a tripple dellorto setup on my home page, btw hot rod bill got drawings of it i think ] iff you want to ad triplle ore 6 ore 2 carbs to the head , i think it will be a home made intake to build the carbs too . did only see the standard manifold , and a setup for the sus carbs [ tripple ] , the rest wat i did see was home made ore custom orginal manifold with 4 barrel / 2 barrel carbs , i,m working now on a mfi system to a aussie 2 V head , planning is to use the crossflow intake with minor modification , i,m waiting for my parts to go on ,
LYNX have TEN left. :shock: They definitely will not be recasting. These are the "delog" type installation. It may well be that some brazing or cast welding is needed.

All the straight bolt-on 2V type manifolds are gone (P/Ns 189, 190), even though they list them on the site.

A bit like the dark days of Clifford - listing a product that's not really available...

I tried the link listed below but no dice. So I just cut off part of the URL past the domain name to get to their main site and tried to search for it, no dice.

i was interested in trying a 3 carb side draft type setup.
Nevermind, the link seemed to work after visiting there main site and trying again. Wierd. Anyway, I wish they had a picture of it. It's a bit pricy for after all the money I just spent on the head, manifold, cam, etc... I just got.