Need turbo knowledge / I.D.



Was at the local swapmeet today and bought a turbo with exhaust manifold, etc. It is supposed to be off of an 87 T-bird man. trans. The story I got seems very believable, and the peices I can identify match.

However I am wondering about the turbo itself. As I understand it the 87 man. trans units are supposed to be a superior .60/.63 a/r ratio. How can I tell if I have that turbo, or the smaller .60/.48 a/r ratio. The intake portion of the housing is marked as "Warner IHI". The exhaust housing has three numbers one above the other 1, 50R, 20.

I have ordered a copy of Hughe Mcinnes's book Turbochargers but it hasn't arrived yet. So, can you tell me roughly how well this turbo would perform on a mild 300. I fear it'll be too small. Maybe a lower RPM setup would be good. Still, I got an awesome deal on it. It'll be good for something, someday. :eek:
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Take the manual one, the autos were a lot softer tuned.

Ray Hall turbocharging shows you that a stock 2400 cc engine, with 6 pounds boost and with a 0.63 rating is good for 211 hp at 5800 rpm. On a 5000cc engine, you'd be limited to 3200 rpm, 4 pounds of boost, and 213 hp with the same 0.63 trim. Over that speed, you may get into a surge period or worse...overspeed the thing! Remember the size increase over a 2.3 liter engine you've got, and that the EFI T-Bird Sports Coupe has no sealing for a draw through turbo.

I'd look for a bigger turbo from a 3.8 Buick at the very least. As a challange, doctor something up

Take two Turbo Coupe manual turbos, and call me in the morning!

If it is a 87 Tbird it should be a IHI turbo.

IIRC look on the housing, somewhere it should have the A/R number in the casting.

The a/r on something like a 2.3L will affect at what rpm the turbo is most effective. The 79-81 carb turbo Mustangs spool up at a lower rpm but run out of steam before 6000rpm. Something like a .63 a/r ratio makes power past 7000 rpm.

This is on the 2.3L OHC
XECUTE":2ry6hckp said:
Take two Turbo Coupe manual turbos, and call me in the morning!

Would you believe the guy I bought it from had two? He had the same idea involving a 302/351. But, somebody else saw them first and took one. :cry: I didn't miss it by more than an hour or two.

Did some searching. The 87-88 IHI units are supposed to be much smaller than the t-3 used in 85-86 T-birds, which were the 60/48 or 60/63 units.

Worst case scenario, I'll put it on e-bay to fund a bigger turbo. Or, I'll find some exscuse to turbo a 2.3 pinto. $50 for a turbo in good shape with exhaust manifold and a few extras ain't nothing to bitch about, regardless of how big it is!
Sell it to one of the SB6 guys. They seem to think an RHB52 is acceptable for their size motor.

FWIW, if you're boneyard sourcing a turbo for a 300, you may want to avoid the T03 and smaller. The only T03 that will work well on a 300 is one with either 60 or Super 60 trim. Your chances of finding one are about zero. A small T04, preferably 40 trim, is a much more likely find. Either way you may need to play with the turbine A/R to get what you really need. Most of the smaller T04s are usable, especially if you're planning on running the engine higher than the stock 4000 RPM.
Mostly just grabbed it cause it was there and I thought it was cool. You should see my other turbo. It's off an 875 versatile tractor. Don't think I can wind a motor high enough to even make use of it. The thing is just flat huge.

I intend to do a turbo 300 later, but will probably want to obtain a new turbo for it so it'll be just right. Looks like all my current time/cash is going to go towards one of my old projects that recently re-appeared. A 27 T touring. I've already started a little work on the 300 for it. Going to take awhile to make a collection of parts into a workable car though. I need to get something going though, I am currently accelerationally challenged. :roll:
Keep your eyes out on E-bay! I purchased a used Garrett To4E in nearly new condition for $330. Although if you call Kevin at Majestic Turbo in waco TX, he can tell you how that TurboCoupe unit measures up. He actually said that the Tcoupe units made great cores to modify for the 300. I don't know which model these were, however he said that certain ones were good. They can take most usable cores, and match them to your application for a reasonable price.