new chevy I6



come on guys, let's be honest, the new chevy I6 is an engineering spectacle. I mean it's pumpin 270hp and 270 ft-lbs on 4.2L. I was impressed ever since it was introduced. I think it'd be a rocket in an S10. But I don't have to worry about that driving an F150.
Well, If Chevy were to drop it into a smaller (Dakota size) pickup, then I would probably buy one.
But I have no use for a SUV.

There is supposed to be a guy building a Cobra kit car with a new 4.2 and Procharger. The thing should fly :D

yeah the 4.2 is perty cool. I have been looking at the trailblazer/envoy/ascenders they come in. I test drove a trailblazer and they dont do too bad. You can realy feel the torque off the line.
Ford OZ has a better a Territory! Okay its only 243 hp from a 3.984 DOHC 24 valve VCT in-liner six pot, but the 322 hp Tubo is next up. :eek:


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