non-progressive Offy



Couldn't you rig up a non-progressive Offy setup where all three carbs. are running simultaneously? I know gas mileage would suffer, but it seems like the power would make up for it... :eek:
I think the engine woudl get too mcuh gas and just flood...

Yup. You could set up a straight all-carbs-open-together linkage more easily than you could set up a progressive linkage.

I don't know that it would give you more power. HP rating are usually done at wide open throttle (WOT), and all the carbs would be at WOT with either the progressive or straight linkages.

Colorado66 was pretty close. Usually the engine gets too big of a gulp of air/fuel and bogs. It can't use that much air/fuel at low rpm's.

On a "race-only" straight linkage is pretty common. Idle is at about 2500 rpm's and there is NO fuel economy. 99% of it's intended use is WOT.

Good Luck
Why would you want to do that? With the triple, the center carb has the choke and is the only carb working at idle. The outer 2 carbs are closed. At about 1/3 throttle, the outer 2 carbs start to open and at WOT, all 3 carbs are open. It's basically a mechanical secondary system. I don't think I'd want to deal with a motor w/3 chokes....

Also, have you ever talked to anyone that had three dueces on a Pontiac or anything? Talk about a nightmare to tune and tehn keep tuned. THe progressive system is not so bad becuase I think the engine is a littel bit less forgiving at WOT with regards to teh perfect tuning job...

I didn't say that I was or would do it. I just wanted to know what you all thought about that type of setup, that's all.
My friend Davey had a 2850 cc 173 cube GM Holden Torana L6. He used three 138 cubic inch Torana L6 carbs, which were like your smallest Carter carbs. The Corvair-style Carter would have a small enough venturi to give a good signal at low rpm condtions on a 200/250 Ford Six. The Bendix carb he used are still a dime a dozen here, but undercarbing is the key to making it work on the street. These Aussie carbs have throttle bodies you can swap between small and larger engines.
8) yes it can be done but the only setup i would use it on is a pure drag car as you flexibility.