NoS Plz!!!!!! help me



If theres any one out there with nos plz help me set mine up i need the know what fule pump what nos system to use an what hook ups i well need plez help!!!!!!!
The setup should be pretty straight forward on your nitrous system. Most people replace their factory mechanicle pump with a higher flow electric pump and ad an extra filter to the system to keep the injection ports from cloging(this could cause a really bad lean condition and destroy your engine). Make sure you have the small microswitch on the carb set so that the system can only activate when at full throttle. The reason for this is your car(engine) produces alot of torque at low rpms and the nitrous would amplify this so much that it could crush your pistons and destroy the rods and bearings. As for what system, I would use either NOS(this is the company with the blue bottle) or Eldebrocks system. You will have to ask them for the special plate for the single barrel carb but that should be no problem and won't cost much(if any) to get it. Hope this helps you out.

P.S. Check out Jegs or Summit for the electric pump, should be a universal pump that will fit your needs.