O2 Sensor and a Turbo



Where should I mount the O2 sensor bung. Before or after the turbocharger? This is a draw thru arrangement, but I don't think that matters.
I usually see them downstream of the turbo but it probably doesn't really matter as long as it is in the stream and has a way to get hot enough to work.
Can you overheat an O2? Upstream would seem to get a little hotter than the what, 500f needed for an O2?

I think I'd mount it soon after the turbo. It'd be awful hot between the head and the turbo. This may not hurt the sensor, but why risk it? As long as it's within a couple of feet of the head (above 600F, I think), it should be fine.

One thing that the instructions for my setup clearly pointed out was to make sure the sensor was installed in such a way that and water condensate in the exhaust would NOT end up flowing into the sensor. So, this means it should be mounted pointing up and away from the exhaust pipe.

Just make sure it's before any catalytic convertors, if you're using one.

Yeah, for sure mount it after the turbo. If your turbo is mounted close to the manifold, you'll see 1500-1600 degrees Farenheit on a hot gas motor. (my diesel slams 1300F!) The oxygen sensor does't need THAT kind of heat to work... or live.

Use the area near the turbo inlet for a pyrometer(EGT) probe. Then you can monitor exhaust temps before the turbine wheel starts to deform and take corrective measures to avoid disaster!