Oddball starter problem


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My neighbor got one of my other neighbors to put a starter on his 94 GS with a 4 cylinder.

Before this, they said the bendex wasn't kicking back in and the starter was turning all the time. (I didn't see it so I can't be sure).

Anyways, they changed the starter yesterday, and today the guy says there is smoke comming from near where the starter is mounted and it smells bad.

I'm wondering if it's possible that the starter is not alligned properly. Also I know there was a section of bare wire where the starter wire connects to the starter. I think somebody told me it was there incase the connection broke. It would ground out the starter and keep you from burning it up. These guys taped up the bare sections.

I know he also replaced the starter selinoid recentally.

Any suggestions guys?

I didn't change the starter or ever work on the car before. He just asked me to look at it cuz I own afew Topaz's.