oil additives


my friend back home has an old geo POS, the engine is pretty much wore out, and it burns oil so bad that it is a health hazard to follow behind it
(trust me on this)
while i was watching the races on the speed channel i saw a commercial for something called "restore" supposedly it helps restore cylinder compression, reduce the amount of oil consumed, etc. and i was wondering if it would actually help reduce the smoke screen that is his exhaust gases, and if not, is there anything that can help him out? (besides the obvious answer of getting a decent car...)
Anything is worth a shot. I have used Lucas' Oil Stabilizer with good results several times, It's pretty much a big bottle of Motor Honey.
Yeah I'd go with the Lucas engine honey it will help the rings seal at least a little bit. but it will probably still burn oil. Hopefully just not as much.