pcv and breather tech ?

before I go through with this I wanna check everyones opinions.

my 170 has a road draft tube on it with a breathe ronteh valvecover and now pcv system. this leads to some nasty fuses and a little cloud from the front end at lights.

I got a new chrome valvecover coming next week that has a oil cap (none vented?) and a breather port (I am assuming a .75'? hole for a pushin breather OR a pcv hose connection)

so I can plug the tube hole witha 1" freeze plug I hear and remove the pipe plug on the intake for a pcv hookup. now do I need anything other then a check valve (pcv) and a hose to do this then? does this system seem sound? I was going to look at a fancy billet valve that can be taken apart for cleaning. would love if this gives me a few more ponies or at least makes the car more livable in traffic with the windows down.

Hi, I have a manual for the 66 170. the pictures show the cap in the front of the valve cover and the pcv hole in the back. It describes two systems, one where the air is sucked thru a vented cap, down thru the crank case etc. then back into the back of the valve cover where it is sucked out the pvc which is connected by a hose to the base of the carb and sucked into the intake manifold. This is called an open system. The second system is the same except there is a hose from the air cleaner that goes to the filler cap. the air comes thru the air cleaner and goes into the cap. this is called a closed system. When the air goes into the vented cap the cap has a foam filter inside. If the closed system is used a filter is either placed over the outlet hole in the air cleaner so the air is filtered before it goes to the filler cap or the filler cap has a foam filter inside and the air is filtered at that point.{the vented cap sucks from a groove or holes around the bottom rim- the other cap has a rubber grommet in a hole in the top for the hose from the air cleaner} I dont think it matters whether the pcv hole is in the front or the back of the valve cover as long as it gets the air circulation from the filler cap. Hope this helps......larry
well my 2.3L uses a closed system that pulls all air from the crankcase. I know this reduces leaks (sucks oil in) and increases ring sealing (reduces blowby) but heard it can suck in cork gaskets.