Pertronix on a '66 200ci



With thanks to the previous posting on the Pertronix (and II) vs. the Duraspark; if I am wanting a Pertronix on my pony's engine, should I change the distributor (I believe it is orig.--in storage, cant check right now :) ) I have great idle w/my 1100 carb. on stock engine and I dont think the vacuum is low on the dizzy. I believe someone has mentioned changing to a 67/68 dist. for the dual vac--will it be needed w/the Pertronix II? I will check the vacuum on current dist. come Spring---
ahhhh Spring!

If you replace your stock distributor you will need to use a different vacuum source for your vacuum advance to the new distributor.

Your 1100 is married to the stock distributor. The vacuum signal from the 1100 is a combination of Ported and Manifold vacuum signals. There were a number of forum strings that talk about this problem and its solutions.

Good luck, Ric.
As long as you arecstaing with the 1100 no need to change to the newer dizzy. I think the PII can use the original power souce that has the resistor wire in the circuit the PI needs a 12 volt source.

Hey banbozny,

Both the PI and the PII require the 12 volt power source. The PI is not designed to use a 12 volt coil. So, you cannot eliminate the ballast resistor and hook the PI to the coil as a power source. The PII is the one designed to use a 12 volt coil. The ballast resisitor is eliminated and the unit is powered by the + side of the coil. This is a material improvement. So is the dwell control. I would not spend my money on the PI.

Regarding carb and dizzy. If you plan a carb update in the future you will, at that time, need to upgrade to the dual advance dizzy (68 - 73) as none of the popular performance carbs will support the dual vac unit on your car. The reason I note this is that the PII that goes into the dual vac unit will not fit the dual advance unit. So, if a change is planed you should do it at the same time.

Another point. The dual advance dizzy can be set up to run vary well without the vac advance at all. The vacuum system is not necessary to the performance of car. As a matter of fact, timing management is far more predictable without it. So, if you go this route you can install the dual advance dizzy (also referred to as the single vac unit) and the PII with you 1100. You will be very happy with this mod. PM me for detail if interested.

Enjoy - Steve
Thanks much guys...
Steve, so I can just install the PII with my current set-up; 1100 carb and orig. dizzy (I already have the Flamethrower coil) and I should be :D
correct? Thanks again.