Port Divider



Is cl*f***** the only place to get one? If not were else? What is the best method of securing it to the head?

ps why do we always put ** in cli**ord? :roll:
Clifford has gone through some rough times since Mr. Clifford died and the family took over. Some folks have had some terrible experiences when ordering. I even had started to wonder about my carb adaptor and header order last year. Everything turned out ok for me so I am kind of sitting on the fence as far as supporting Clifford.

There has been discussion on the different methods the members have use to install the exhaust divider. I personally used a grinder to custom fit to the intake to the point that a fraction of the divider face would crush the header gasket (interference fit) to hold in place.

Do a search for “port divider” and check out the discussion.

I ordered from Clifford a couple weeks ago (headers, valve cover, and 38/38 DGES carb/spacer.) Parts came in less than a week and they included a bunch of goodies that I never expected! Breather cap, gasket, adhesive, etc for the valve cover. Gasket and more stuff for the headers and a cleaning kit for the carb. I give them an A+.