Questions about a Carter YF or YFA



Can the stock air cleaner be used with these carbs? It looks like Mustang Geezer used one for his Ram Air setup.

Also, which one came on what engine? From what I'm gathering, the YF came on the 300, and the YFA was the 250 or 200. Am I even close??

But, the stock linkage can be used (with some modification, of course), right?
Yes, you can use the stock aircleaner but you have to modify the aircleaner base slightly.

There's a couple of good pics of the modification on my website but I dont remember what page its on... :oops: :oops:

The stock linkage can be need to switch to the cable linkage...I have some good pics of that also....Let me take a look and get back with ya ;)


Look at the "arm extension" I made and bolted on to the carb throttle arm in this picture. It's needed to give the linkage enough leverage to acheive wide open throttle.


I have a couple of good pics in my computer at home but I wont be able to put them up untill saturday.

I'll bump this topic back up ;)


Thanks for the info. - it was very helpful.

Does your carb. have automatic or electric choke? Which would you recommend? Personally, I would like manual choke, but I don't guess they made a YF w/ that. What about those kits that parts store sell that will convert from auto to manual? Do/will they actually work right?

What about the YF's tuneability? Will they stay tuned once you set it, unlike the Holley 1946?

On your website, you mentioned better fuel mileage. How much of an improvement should I see?
I always tore off the chokes and all the mechanisms that went with it to pick up a few more cfm's... :D

Some have a hot air tube only that comes off the side and runs down to the exhaust manifold while others have that and a electric combination.

If you want to convert to a manual choke, those conversion kits you can pick up work fine to....Thats what I had on my old 81 F-150 and it worked fine for me.

The only thing I ever had to do once I got the carb set up was adjust the idle rpm once in a while.

IIRC I picked up a couple of mpg....Hard to tell....My foots always to the floor ;) :LOL: :LOL:

I'll also find out what the difference is between a YF and a YFA is...


Heres the picture you requested;


As you can see, you do not have to swap to the cable linkage if you want to swap to a Carter YF carb.

One thing that people dont address when they say just "swap to the cable linkage" is you have to address the issue of your kickdown linkage if you are running a automatic.

Hope this helps :D


What causes the linkage in the pic to push up on the carb. accelerator arm? My stock linkage looks different. It has a pivoting arm that clips onto the carb spacer. I have the cable linkage from a Fairmont that I could use, but I would like to keep the stock linkage, if possible.

I have found that a lot of early 70's cars used the Carter RBS. What's your opinion on this carb?

I have also found that the parts stores list the same carb. for a 200 and 250. What would be the best year to get? I'm avoiding the junkyards and just buying a reman. carb. Here's what I'm looking at now:
This is a YFA

It seems that the YF was a more sophisticated carb. than the YFA. Here's a pic. of a YF. Note all the electrical stuff on it.

One last thing ( :oops: ) - what exactly did you have to modify on your air cleaner base?

I'm clueless as to what your talking about on the linkage?? :unsure::

Top carb is what you want and here is the picture of the base. Top base is the yf base and the rt one is the stock base.

The linkage is hard to describe without pics. When you push the accelerator, the rod that bolts onto the bellhousing pulls back towards the rear of the car. In turn, that pulls back on the "arm" that is clipped onto a shaft on the carb. spacer. By it pulling back, it raises the small length of linkage that connects to the carb, thereby pushing the carb. accelerator arm up.

The Mustang may have a different setup than the Falcon... :unsure::
I know the linkage your talking about. The pictures Geeezer has posted are different than what you and I have. I recently "temporarily" just stuck a YF carb on my intake without an adapter just to get things going. I was able to add a similar arm onto the carb like in the pictures. The arm then attaches to the original link from the lever arm attached to the carb adapter. I do plan on building an adapter like geezers and was thinking that the original lever arm might fit into a tapped hole in the edge of the adapter I believe the pivot post is threaded into the original adapter. it's late I hope this made sense.

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