Rebuilt 200 Balance Problems



I just dropped in a 200 from a '67 Stang into my '63 Ranchero. The seller said it was rebuilt about 15K miles ago. It runs strong but just about shakes the doors off. I can see the crank pully wobbling around. I may try the pully off my old 200 and see if it makes any difference. Could this be the sign of a bad rebuild? And how much will these types of balance problems lessen the life of the motor/clutch/my bones? Could a higher quality harmonic balancer ease the problem?

if it is shaking that bad, i would first check the igniton to see if it is mis-firing at all. Then I would check the cylinder compression using a pressure guage. Then take down the top end to see if there is anything wrong there. If nothing was wrong, I would assume a bad rebuild.

Others will have more info.

Wobbling? Is the balancer ring falling off or is the crank bent?

If the engine fell off the stand onto its nose or if the car it came from was involved in a serious collision, the crank snout could have been tweaked. If that happened, you'll never get it balanced. Sorry.

another possibility, if it was rebuilt using a mix of parts, is that they might have used a mixed set of early and late rods which have considerably different weights.
:roll: my question is. how did it stay together for the 15k? good luck!!!