Rubber cleaning and bonding


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Seriously, I am looking at my old rear side window seals (wagon). They are a bit stiff, but primarily thay have fallen apart where the corners are vulcanised on.

Posted here because I felt the tech-heads might have some good input.

So the real questions are: What are my hopes of successfully re-gluing, and what to use for durability? What can I use to clean the rubber as aggressively as possible without breaking it down further? (I know this bit will be messy!)

Any ideas? I have repro seals, but they only fit 90% in my opinion.

Thanks, Adam.
8) for cleaning the glass use razor blades to clean about 95% on the old sealer, and then a mild acid, muratic acid works fine, and then soap and water to neutralize the acid. that is what a friend of mine uses when he need to remove the glue that holds window tint to glass. as for a good sealer, the black 3M weather striping sealer works great.
If you really need to vulcanise it, maybe use a bicycle tube repair kit, available complete with vulcanising agent and roughening device, or you could just use sealant.