Shopping for a 64 170 ci vert. Red flags? Tweek MPG?



I'm considering buying a 64 falcon 170 c.i. manual 4 speed.

I'm on the West Coast and the cars in Indiana. What should I ask a mechanic to check for (red flags?) and would I need to do to the engine to maximize gas mileage?

What is the approximate cost of your suggestions?

Engine stuff is very minor. Check for rust. I know you are looking at a Falcon, but since they are the same as the Mustang (at least underneath) I'm sure it will have the same problems as mustang verts. Look at my rust page. Look for this stuff:


Since you are on the West coast, you will have a MUCH BETTER chance of finding a decent car in your area than Indiana. Lots of snow and road salt there that destroyed all the cars.. :unsure:

Rust, rust, rust, followed by the interior and paint. Most people go to great lengths to check out engines and transmissions, but frankly it costs six times as much to prperly repaint a car as it does to rebuild an engine. An all new interior could cost two grand (more using NOS parts), a transmission is half that.

If it runs at all I'd be fine with that, but I'd be looking for floors, body panels, paint, etc. That's where the money really is.
Mustang six is right on target.
I ALWAYS ask about body before mechanicals. I also look at the body first. It is hard to get a body fixed, especially with the repro repair panel are total crap.. Always look for a good body and pay alittle more if needed. you will be glad you did and the car will look better.

I wll not start on Interiors.. They are expensive and are hard to do as wll.


There were 6 cyl. 4-speed stock setups in those years. You just have to look a little harder to find them. A buddy of mine just bought one (64 convertible) from a widow who's husband was the origional owner.
you are probably right. i have never seen one and have had alot of falcons come through my garage, but actually saw one advertised not long ago. It definately had to of been a special order car..

Would like to see a pic of your friends car if you can get it just for myself. PM me if you are able. would appreciate it.

8) check the cowl area for rust, then the areas in front of and behind the rear wheelwells. next check the trunk floor for rust especially over the rear frame rails and the shock mounts. after that the floor pans and rocker panels. these are the areas where you will find rust. everything else can be repaired relatively inexpensively. there were 6cyl, 4spd converts made but they are few a far between. as for improving mileage, advance the timing, radial tires, synthetic oil including trans and rear end all help. also plan on replaceing the heater core in the car as they leak or plug easily. i havent done it yet, but consider changing to an alternator especially if you want to install a good sound system as the generator doesnt want to handle the load. the daganham 4spd sint much better than the 2.77 3spd so either find a good replacement tranny or swap to a 5spd.