Some I6 performence questions



I have a 65 falcon 200 and am about to recieve a 302 out of a 74 bronco. From what I have computed so far...the 302 swap would cost about the same is doing all the work/buying all the stuff to build up the 200. Can I grasp the same hp with the 200 as with the 302? I would really prefer to use the cheepy regular unleaded gasoline and from what ive read, Id have to begin spending much more money on higher octane gases to compensate for raised compression I need to make the 200 fast. Can I turbocharge or supercharge the 200? having a fast I6 sounds cool but these issues make it seem as though the 302 might be a smarter idea then the hopped up 200 (just the extra gas money alone would kill my budget)...I dont think nitro would satisfy me because id have to fill it up and wouldnt be able to use it all the time (how much is it to refill the bottle??)

It seems that the 1974 302 2bbl was rated at 129hp@4000rpm and 236lbs ft torque at 2000rpm. The 302-4v was rated at 210hp and IIRC about 285 ft lbs of torque.

I think you can hit those numbers pretty easily.

I have an 80 Mustang and my goal was 200hp and 265lbs ft of torque. Some people say I cant do it but Im gonna give it one heck of a try.
It's cheaper to make 200 hp with the 302 than with the 200. But don't forget all the other stuff that has to be changed; mounts, radiator, transmission, rear end, driveshaft, fuel lines, wiring, throttle linkage, hoses, exhaust system......
I think I've said this before, but here it is again. If your going to go with a V8 it would be cheaper and easier to sell your stang and buy another with an 8 already in it.

As for 200 HP coming out of your I6 I got to think it's possible after reading about smaller 4 banger stangs making over 500hp a Mustang/Ford magazine. The question isn't can you make 200hp the question is how much money do you have.

Getting 200hp out of a inline six wont be cheap, but hetting 130hp i think would be.

But the guys are right. For what it would cost you to convert all the necessary parts over to support the V8 you could buy a V8 car for less money.
I am repeating the above but it is true. Follow Mustang six and Hindle AZ's advise. You will have a lot of time and mony involved with changing over as well as trying to find the necessary parts.

8) if all you are looking for is pure horsepower, then you dont even want the 302. a 460 will make an easy 500hp. it sounds like you want more power and good efficiency. for that the 6 will be less expensive and easier to do as you dont have to swap out suspension and driveline pieces. like the others said, if you want a V8 car buy one then modify it as it will be less expensive in the long run, money as well as time.
A point I would like to include is that the Six Cylinder car is a bit lighter. I don’t feel comfortable comparing 200 horse in a V8 car with 200 horse in a I6 car. Be sure to take into account the power to weight ratio. You may find a I6 car with 130 to 150 horse to perform as well if not better on a road course where handling is needed.

This is the main reason I am sticking with the I6 in my 66’ coupe and will be trying to find my next Mustang with the 240.

Good luck, Ric.
heres the thing guys: I know a guy that did this conversion and it wasnt as hard as you guys are making it out to be. First of all the parts are pretty damn easy to find and like ive said It would cost as much as building up the 6...the work really isnt a super crazy amount. what I really wanted was answers to those other questions (not trying to sound like a jerk). Plus I have a little bit of an attatchment to the car I have and I want to see it all the way through either way. also...if I go with the 302...I plan to mildly build it up to around 260 hp...also keep in mind this is my daily driver
If you can do the running gear and engine mounting swap cheap, you may as well just use the 302 for the power range you're looking for.

You can add a turbo or supercharger to your six if you're not afraid of fabricating the parts. I have not attempted either myself but several other guys here have.

For me I want to keep my six because it's different, but it's also not my daily driver. That's what the SuperCoupe is for. 8)
One other thing I should have added is what you save on running low octane gas in the 302 might be used up in the higher fuel consumption. :unsure:

just something to think about.
MLINE":3csjfcyd said:
One other thing I should have added is what you save on running low octane gas in the 302 might be used up in the higher fuel consumption. :unsure:

just something to think about.

My friend has an old 69 302 and its not too bad...not nearly as bad as my other friends 350 I hate the idea of putting additives into my gas eveytime I fill up...thats just another trip to make. As far as fabricating much fabrication is neccesary? I cant find any threads with the turbo/super charging people explaining this
I am building up my 200 and wondered if i should keep the same connecting rods when i change the pistons or get new rods as well. your advice is appreciated
The real kick-in-the-pants buildup for the I6 is the Aussie head with a 2bbl carb and very little more (just ask Mustangaroo about it!). That will net about the same freeway onramp giddyup as the freshened-up 302, but it will net about 5 MPG better economy.

I'm big on the economy part, because the need for the extra GO only happens once in a great while...and, I really can't complain about the 3.3L in my Fairmont - it usually surprises me when I hit the onramps up here.