SP head pics (first to be shipped to the US)



Well, about time :)

These are some close-up pics of an SP head that will be shipped to the States soon. I didn't have time to clean it up, so please forgive the grease and carbon ;)





This particular head is a very rare casting ('73 model). It isn't in stock condition. It is ported (specially on the intake side), with the valve guide bosses removed. Bronze valve guides are fitted in place, along with sparkplug inserts to run longer 14mm ME plugs, therefore locating the electrode closer to the valves.
I will try to have more pics. I have an ME head that I recently had sanblasted, and my own racing SP, aka "Big Daddy", plus several intake and exhaust manifolds. I should have one more SP head by next weekend and possibly two more after that.
Hope you like the pics. Martín.
Hi Mr. Acosta(aka Southern Cross Racer).

Hey I like it, I wonder what that would do for my car?

That liner has me puzzled. Is it a large bronze one with a bullet liner pressed inside of that? Serious, serious porting. Getting to 351C-4V territory. ;)

Cheers, Adam.
Looks like a one piece unit to me. But it has a funky shape. I will take some pics of the upper part of it later.
Yeah, I think that's why they used the bronze guides. To get rid of the bosses and enlarge the runners as much as they could.
Hey MandarinaRacing, if dat man had hit the white Falcon, it would have been an inline 12 forum!


That thang has twin Weber 3-choke 46 IDF's from a 911T doesn't it? Where do we get an 188/221 SP/ME intake manifold from for those carbs?. Boy it would look even hotter with big Hillbourne-style ram tubes pokeing through the hood. That is just bitchin', brother! You guys got the passion and power, it rocks! I've seen an awesome Taunus SP with such an engine, but using triple Webers:-



Compact 'cons are Killer!

My old teacher had an Aussie XP 170 Pursuit. That Argie Bargie is a big turn on for me! (y)

This was my favorite...now it's your file!


I could live without that wing on the Taunus, but I REALLY WANT one of those intake manifolds! That set-up under the hood of my Mustang would be so cool 8), so bad :eek:, so :!: - no more questions about "Why dontcha put a V8 innit?"

5.0h-humm (yawn).

Later, Kinky6.
XE, are there mini stacks under those low-restriction lamp mantles - sorry, fuel filters? Or does the air just naturally turn a 90° angle with no loss of efficiency? :p

Kinky6 - no way will this type of carb fit in an old Mustang or Falcon without serious body work. That's why I dig the SU's.

Down-draft Webers on SP 221's

Well Adam, if ya mean the wild twin carby 911 style leakers on the Argie Falcon...a 90 degree bend isn't an issue. That thing is bad, and I like it!

Side Draft 221 SP engines in restricted engine bays:-

1.On the side drafts, the close proximity of the plates often doesn't hurt, so long as there are stub stacks and more than 6 mm clearance. David Vizard is on record for saying a plate can actually help!

2.The Aussie TC I saw in that Oz mag in the late 1980's was the same set up, but with the OZ 250 2V and Lynx manifold.

3.For any pre Aussie XR/US 66 Falcon or pre 67 Mustang, the spring tower braces are issues, for sure. But I've been thinking :idea: ...how about an export brace which is rectangular rather than diagonal? Think outside the square! The US Fox bodied Saleen Mustangs used tubular braces, which would fit around a side or down draft Weber in liner. Unless we do some pioneering here rather than saying its too hard, people will opt for SU's.

NB//If I had an early car with braces, I'd rip them out and run a firewall cross brace which doesn't touch the lower part of the dash/hood area. It would be like a Monte Carlo brace, but just an inch or so off the firewall. Any diagonal bracing feeds vibration into the body. The Monte Carlo Brace should be used as well. These two braces should be linked with a couple of hammer formed or pressed steel members runing front to back. In an accident, they should be frangible.. ie they should be able to bend. On a convertable or where you don't mind the road vibes comming through, just link the ties to the firewall. This would be a ladder bar or non triangular truss like arrangement, woven over the free space in the engine bay, just to allow enough room for the carbs!

4.SU's look awesome, and work very well if you follow the rules. The intakes of the SP and ME heads shouldn't cause any issues, because they are a rasied port design. CD 175's are most common in America, not SU's. An SP/ME head could take just a simple tubular intake manifold such as the Maniflow manifold used on British Mini club racers for ages. This was just a 180 degree tube bend with a flange welded on the side. On the Argie head, you'd just run three CD175 excactly level, with no plungE angle like what an SU carb can take. Those SU HIF carbs are great, but I'm not sure if many people can find them off the shelf.

For the South Pacific mob with Cortinas:-

the SP 221 has some very good points, shared with a 250 2V on 221 conversion like what your looking at Adam.
1. the low deck of the 3.6 liter SP 221 six means you don't need the big 5 inch bulkhead cut like Aussie Cortinas had. (The screen wiper motor was a little close though on that left hooker Taunus!).

2. Fronts of 221 engines are shorter than US 250's, and 'our' 250's. That's why I was looking at one in my Pommy Cortina...before I sold it!
XE, the problem with the early bodies is not the braces, but the shock towers themselves. Bill Norcott made his own triple Weber manifold for a 2V (and boy, it was compact), but he still had to notch the RH tower ('65 Falcon) for one pair of mini stacks. Chalk one up to the SU's.

The "J" tube fabbed inlet runners would go well with Weber style TBI. :eek:

There it is, my SP, I hope to debut it at Knotts' Ford show in April along with an ME head. As soon as the cylinder heads arrive my plan is to get the Argies on a flowbench and then compare the results with the au head.

Then the 221 short block goes into the shop for a rebuild, I'll be importing Argie goodies(pistons, con rods etc) for this buildup, thx again Martin.

If any of you all want to know where to get these just PM Southern Cross Racer, he's the man. He promises door to door delivery so no customs.

xE and Addo I'm thinking triples too at some point. My buddy has fabricator client who may be able to hook me up with a triple intake setup we'll see about that.

Man! That Taunus coupe has some nice lines.
I sure wish they had of imported a few hundred thousand of those!

I wonder if the platform has anything in common with the Maverick?


I believe that the Taunus is basically a Ford Cortina IIRC. It came from the factory with the 2.3 OHC four banger. But a couple of guys installed the 221 six with SP heads. Killer combination. I was very close of doing that a few years ago.
Glad you guys like what we do here :D
I have more pics guys:


This is a pic of the heads I currently have at home. From top to bottom:
SP intake; DbzOkole's SP; My racing SP aka "Big Daddy"; 83fairmontI200's ME head; ME intake. The red pieces at the sides are the ME cast iron headers.

Now, a few close-up pics of my SP head:






That head is fully ported and is a racing veteran. It still has the tech-inspection markings and traces of a busted piston :eek:
The seats were recut to fit larger valves (1.77 intake, 1.5 exhaust). It also has a 3 angle valve job and sparkplug inserts.
I will take a few close-up pics of 83fairmontI200's ME head tomorrow.
Thanks a lot to DbzOkole and 83fairmontI200 for their support and patience.
Hope you like the pics. Martín.
hey martin great pics glad to see my head and stuff looks great cant wait till i get it over here anyone looking for a good head for their 200 or inlines send matin southern cross racer an email he can get them for you i belive and he is a great guy to deal with
Looking at those large valves, it took me back to the sizing calcs where SR held my hand... We got 1.785" intake and 1.595 exhaust. Sketched it out on the chamber, and it looked amazingly like what I see above.

Dennis: Is your block prepped for a Lunati roller cam? :shock:

Cheers, Adam.

How about this profile?

roller grind 336º advertised duration , 0,590 " lift with 1.5 rockers, RPM range 5500-9500. Excellent cam for a grocery getter inline six...with style! :LOL:
dam very big cam to much gas hog for me and my me wont handle it lol
I think my mother would love that cam. She has raced ricers in the R16 before...