spigot bearing

xt falcon

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i need to change it and i just don't know how to get it out. is there a tool or what? thanks for any help Aaron
You poor beggar! I used heavy multi-purpose grease , and chocked the thing until I had more overflow than a domestic grease trap! Then I got a 9/16 bolt and hydraulicly smashed it with a small sledge hammer. This can force the thing out. Another option is cleaning it out with thinners, leave it for an hour, and Arildite a close fit bolt in it.Wait a day, and slide it out with a puller or slide hammer.

Don't let it beat ya buddy!

Any one else got some :idea: ideas?
Yep. Reach for your brickie's toolbox. Get out the plugging chisel. Sharpen it just like when it was brand spankers. Get chiselling on one side only of the "shell". Use a block hammer for solid, fewer blows. This will almost always distort the bearing, and cock the opposing side out, where it can be grabbed, pried, punched as needed to finish.

Regards, Adam.
Get some 3/16 or 1/4 inch wire and make a hook at one end (make it strong - use a hammer or grinder or file) and make it small enough to fit inside the bearing. Leave about a foot of straight wire, then put some sort of heavy weight with a hole in the middle on the end of the wire (an old flywheel is perfect - not a car flywheel obviously) bend the end of the wire over and use the weight like a slide hammer. You may need to re-do the hook if it bends out. pull on alternating sides of the bearing so it comes out straight.
This method will damage the bearing, but will get it out eventually.
thanks everyone i got it out after bashing it with a hammer and coal chiesel. so now the new trans is in