temp sender



hey guys its been a while.
over past 2 days ive installed 3 aftermarket guages..
had trouble with the water temperature guage, reason being:
the sender and tubing on the new guage is larger than the original temperature sender unit in the front of the block. and therefor doesnt fit in the cavity already there... what i wanna know is if its safe to drill this cavity out larger??????... should only require a few mm. the temp sensor for the guage is also longer, would be about 4cm long, would this cause any troubles?

cheers for all your infinite wisdom and help!!

oh yeh, geeze its hard trying to run a copper cable from the engine bay up thru the dash!!!!! all i can say is thank god for dashmats which cover unsightly holes i made!! oh also never have dissagreements with drills... youll never win!!!

Just run down stairs to look at my spare head. I am guessing you are playing with an alloy crossflow head.
The temp sensor at the front of the head only has a small cavity that it sits in. Drill a 40 mm deep hole will be into the pushrod cavity.
What about trying to fit the aftermarket sensor in place of one of the heatre hose fittings.
Unscrew one and try the new sensor in the hole. Then just reroute the hoses.
hmmmm thats like a good idea.... the heater hoses are those ones just to the right of the temp sensor?? (if looking at from front of car) should that still be as accurate? or is it a kinda try and hope for the best.. hopefully will get a chance this weekend but am going away, will let ya know how i go

i finally fitted this sender for the guage using some adaptors which i actually fitted into a section of one of the heater hoses..... i kept it as close to the head as possible, so not to allow for any heat being lost...... the good thing is my dash gauge still obviously works too... on that one the most it will reach during a 30min drive at averaginbg speeds will maybe just be a tad over half....... the aftermarket guage reads 80 deg..... this doesnt seem very hot to me....... (as an eng temp) am i right to assume my choice of install is not as accurate as it should be??

How hot does the aftermarket gauge read if you dunk it in a pot of boiling water? :p

You might be getting a "dead leg" as one guy called it, where the results don't accurately reflect the situation because the sender is off on a little branch of its own.

hmmm i will have to get around to trying that but for now shell be right

Why not fit a brass reducing bush to go from your new sender to the original sender hole? Go to coventry's or Statewide bearings, they should carry them.
The gauge as fitted would not be an accurate temperature reading of the engine temperature.
What yoy are reading is the heater hose temperature, not the temperature in the cylinder head.
If you want an accurate reading test the gauge with a kettle and a thermometre to assure some form af accuracy with the gauge and fit the sensor probe into the cylinder head. As near as you can to the thermostat.