Temp Sending Unit/Vibration



Couple questions here,
I've got a 65 mustang and my temp sending units not working, so i went to get another one from advanced auto and the one they have listed is a two prong while mines only a single prong. Well they found one for a 78 fairmont (my engines a 78 granada). So I got it, but it ended up being to long, mines a lil over an inch. Anyone else have this problem? I'm trying to avoid napa or mustangs unlimited.. 20 some odd dollars seems a bit much.
But next question, are the 6's notorious for alot of vibration at higher rpm's? After 3000 my car just feels like its going to fall apart.

Oh, heh, one more thing :oops: anyone have a wiring diagram for a 65?
You should be able to get a TSU that is the same year as your car and it should fit.

As far as vibration, I'd check your motor mounts or how the engine is running. Generally, these engines are very smooth up to 5000-6000 RPM.

There are so many things that could be going on that can produce a vibration. Some of these are Driveline, Dampener, Motor and Trani mounts, Shocks, Leaf Springs ect.

Use the search for the forum and look for vibration to get an idea of what most have gone through to solve these vibrations.

Check out this site for a complete wiring diagram.


Good luck, Ric.
I had bad vibrations around 40 mph mostly but a new set of universal joints and drive shaft ubolts fixed it.
I once had my driveshaft become loose on the ends and bad universal joints...and it vibrated like a mofo. I had the joints replaced but the guy said soon I would need a new driveshaft.

I have a vibration now at about 70-75 mph. The only thing I can think of is these older rims have dents...or my harmonic balancer is not harmonic
The TSU for my car has two prongs, though the one in it now only has one. Could the second one be for dummy lights? I've got the pony 5 guage cluster with my 65 so no lights. Theres also only one wire running to the TSU.
Ran the engine with just the flywheel, still vibrated at higher RPM's and replaced the harmonic balancer when the old one fell off going down the road.
Anyone have an idea err estimate of what it costs to get an engine balanced and blueprinted?