Turbo brace and piping is DONE!(watch out Ben!)



Oh yea! Just brought my 'Stang back from the exaust shop. They did a great job with the pipes but I had to pay for that great job. $250 for the manifold to turbo and the big down pipe! Ouch! Oh well at least it is done. It looks good with that big turbo and 3" down pipe on it. Next step, take all the turbo stuff off and get my car running with nitrous like it was. It will still be a few months before I can get all the rest of the turbo stuff done and ready to go. Well, just thought I would let you guys know I am one step closer to the TURBO 200 IMPORT KILLER!!! :LOL:

thats great dan!! cant wait to see pics. stopped in a turbo shop today. the owner recommended I go to fuel injection. i will post some questions as to if anyone else is running it. anyway congrats on the progress.

i am curious as to your nos setup? where did you drill for the injectors? when does it kick in?

Hey Dan,
Im curious about your NOS as well. I was thinking of using a simple 50 shot straight down from the air cleaner. What are you using?
About the Pipe I would like to see some pics of it, It's not that I don't trust you ;) , but I would like to compare the set up you have to mine.
I am not going to run EFI on my car. Just blow through the carb. I don't see the need to go EFI. Yea I talked to my friend who is helping me with the turbo stuff last night. He has a camera so we will take some pics hopfully this weekend. I am happy with the way it turned out. About the nitrous, I have one Fogger nozzle drilled into the carb adapter. I have some pics of that now. Other than that it is just a regular NOS nitrous kit. It works great! As far as when it comes in. Whenever I hit the button on my shifter! :LOL: It runs great with the nitrous thats why I am in no real hurry to finish the turbo stuff. You guys should throw it on youe cars. Can you say BANG FOR THE BUCK? Well, I will try to get some pics up in the next few days for you guys.

So you mounted the fogger under the carb? I think I know where to put mine now. How big must the hole be drilled to mount the fogger? can I get some pics of that as well? How big is your Nitrous shot?
Yea, the nozzle is under the carb. Just like a plate would be. The hole is not big at all. Maby 1/4" or something like that. I am spraying 75 through it now but I have the jets to go really big! The nest step will be the 100s. I have had good luck with this setup so far. You ned to do it! You won't be sorry I promise! ;) As for the pics, I have a few old picks of the nitrous and motor when I was boulding it but I hae no idea how to post them on here. If you guys could tell me how I would give it a try. Well, I guess I am going to take all the turbo stuff off now so I can drive my car some more. There is a new import shop in town where I live. All the ricers hang out there at night. I am ready to go show them what a inline six American car is all about!

Okay sorry for some reason you can't see the Mustang pics on that page anymore. I don't know why? I am just going to have to get someone who knows about computers to show me how to do this picture stuff!

Dan, It looks like I just made three steps forward and two steps back. I just mounted my "J" pipe to my exhaust man. and turns out that it needs to be about 1-2" shorter. When I fited it, I had another head. Now I have a modified head to fit a holley 500cfm and it interferes with the carb. Bummer. oh well shouldnt set me back too far. as soon as I get my phenolic spacer plate for the carb I can mount it and set up my fuel supply and start with the plumbing for boost :eek:
I don't knwo if either of you have looked into oil plumbing but I got a couple spare 2.3L turbo oil blocks lying around. has a 1/4 npt male nipple on the end of a hax shaft with a 1/4 female from teh top and a 1/4" inverted flare hole on the bottom. then just get some SS or plain brake line and bend up for a oil line. lets you retain your oil light/guage very easily. if either of you are interested let me know as they will go for only a few bucks and shiping.

Well, looks like I didnt need to cut the pipe after all. I made a bracket to support the turbo too. I'll get some pics quickly. Know where I can post?

Nick Im interested in the Oil blocks, are those for the Oil in and the Oil out?
T03, I forget the A/R at the moment. will check on it later.
I was running some online calculators (ray hall turbo charging) and t3 exhaust housing will not be large enough.I am currently looking for a holset hx35. they are the same turbo used on the cummings trucks in the rams. has a prtetty good flow capacity and runs at a higher efficency then a t3 or a t4. FYI the t3 and t4 were designed back in the 50's or 60's. they even make a holset hx40v which is variable geometery bnut it is freaking huge.

I would take Ray Halls calculators suggestions with a shaker of salt....

For example... I take 5liters, 4000rpm, 10psi. 10psi = 1.68:1 pressure ratio. They suggest a T3 60 trim. So lets look at the map. Also note on the bottom of the calculator where it shows lb/min. So, looking at the map at the intersection of ~1.7 and 27lb/min you'll see they intersect right on the line at 65%.... A T04E 46 trim would make a much better choice here imo.

Try this! 3.3L 5000rpm 10psi. They suggest a T3 45-trim.... Its not even on the chart!

the turbo I have is a .43 compressor side and .48 turbine side. anythoughts?
sounds like a older dodge turbo, that thing is way small.

did you look at any compressor maps yet? figure out the rpm range you want it to be strong in and look at how many lbs/min air you need for that.

then look at the boost you will be running. put the two together to see where you sit. I think a .60 trim compressor would work on a 200/250 ok if runnig lower boost (under 10psi)

on the exhaust side you prob want a .63 at least (common size to find used) or for $200 you can goto a .82 turbine.

either way you can put it all one and fire it up and see how it runs. turbo comes up too fast then go a little bigger.

remember lag can be your friend to allow your tires to not melt.

after I run the numbers this afternoon I will get back to you on what to be looking for.

Yeah I may just go with what I got for right now. then buy another turbo that matches my mounting set up. I was thinking of a T3/T4 hybrid.

Your turbo setup looks Great! I've been thinking about this mod myself but I don't know enough about turbos and what I need to get started.

Do you have the dimensions for the bracket?


Thanks man! If you are not to familiar with turbos(like me) I would read all I could find on turbocharging. There are two good books on turbochargers. One is called "Turbochargers" the other is called "Maximum Boost". I liked "Turbochargers" the best. It has more carb stuff than "Maximum Boost" but both are very good books. Just talk to people who know and have messed with turbos also. That is a big help too.

As far as "what you need".....well a lot of it you will have to make yourself. It is not too bad though.