vac. / emissions diagrams



i have a 75 maverick that i'm fix'n up for my 16 yr. old. every vac. line on yhis car has been messed with. any one have a chart or diagram of the correct hook ups? emissions and heat / ac are needed

thx. for your time

Sorry no one has replied yet but I think (just my opinion) vacuum diagrams are a sticky subject around here. I've asked a few questions in the past about vacuum setups and I just ended up opening a can of worms. :D I understand wanting to plumb it up right but for that year and model it might be difficult to get answers. You might want to try the Maverick forum.

Or if you can give us a little more info. on the car, it might help out. (i.e., engine size, carb., electronic or points ignition, etc.)

Hope this helps.
:D Our local library has a manual that has some of the vacuum diagrams in it. I will try to get there by Wednesday, Dec 11th and let you know what I find.